How to use Winch Without Remote? – (Avoid Doing This)

Off-roading might seem like a fun experience; however, it requires a lot of preparation. You’re venturing out into the unknown so you must be prepared to face whatever might come your way. A winch is a tool that is essential for trips like this. However, there may come times when the remote controller of the winch might stop working.

In such situations, it is important for you to know how to use winch without remote. We have put together a complete guide for you to handle such situations. Read on to know more.

Best Without Remote Winch

Working on a winch

Let’s begin with a short introduction about winches and how they operate. Winches are usually used for hoisting and hauling heavy objects. Following are the main components of a winch:

  • Gear train

The gear train helps transfer the power to the drum from the motor and this power allows the drum to spin.

  • Motor

A motor is the component that helps power the winch. Different winches such as hydraulic winches, electrical winches and manual winches might have different motors. They also use different kinds of power sources.

  • Drum

This is a cylindrical object that is used for wrapping the cable wire. When you winch in and out, the drum spins to help spool and unspool the cable wire.

  • Cable wire

This is the most important part of the winch. It forms a connection between the object to e pulled and the anchor point. It is wrapped around the drum.

Working on a Winch Controller

Y2 and Y2 are two variables that help dictate the direction of motion of the cable wire. A winch controller is basically a two-way switch that extends and retracts the cable wire to turn on Y2 or Y1 by sending signals to the specified solenoid. Following are the controls of a controller:

  • Off

This shuts down the winch.

  • Out

This sends a signal to Y2.

  • In

This sends a signal to Y1.

A winch controller also has the capability of controlling other vehicle accessories with the use of the control module. There are different kinds of controllers available such as hand-held, wireless, and in-cab.

Step by step guide on How to Use Winch Without Remote

If the remote controller of your winch is not working, follow the steps below to use a winch without remote.

1. Prepare the winch cable

Ensure that the winch cable is smooth by stretching it out. This helps in eliminating all the weak points that might exist within the cable. Leave around 5 wraps of the cable on the drum and unwind the rest of it manually. Pull your vehicle slightly with the cable and then locate an anchor point for the winch.

2. Setting up the pull

Winching exerts a lot of stress on the anchor point so make sure you choose one that is very sturdy. To help make the process easier, make sure that the anchor point is directly in front of the vehicle and the cable is in a straight line. This helps the cable unwind in a smooth manner and maximum power is exerted on the vehicle. For the maximum amount of force, the hook needs to be placed at the lower point of the vehicle.

3. Pulling out the wire

Pull out the wire and secure it on the anchor point.

4. Place a damper

Put a damper between the cable to reduce the stress on it. You may use a tree branch, jacket or even a blanket.

5. Running the winch

For this step, you will need to install a switch inside your car’s cab. Remove the solenoid pack’s cover and then short the wires which are across the prongs on the plug. Pick out the wire that runs the winch. You need to hardwire the switch onto this wire. You may also look for a plug disconnect and use it to hook up the switch.

6. Engage the winch

Begin by testing the solenoid and check that it is activating the winch motor properly. Also, make sure that there are no people of objects in the path between the winch and the object being pulled.

7. Start the operation

Switch on the motor but make sure you are at a safe distance from the winch. Make sure that you take up the slack on the cable wire in a slow and steady way.

8. Verify the results

The winching operation can be stopped once the object or vehicle has been pulled out successfully. Put your vehicle in parking and slowly stop the process of winching. Switch off the motor and then detach the wire from the anchor. Make sure that the cable remains untangled.

9. Rewind the cable wire

Wrap the cable around the drum in a neat manner and make sure that you avoid any overlaps. Wrap the complete length of the cable wire and you are done with the process.


If you properly follow all the steps in this article, you will be able to understand how to use winch without remote. Take all safety precautions while doing this process because you are handling everything manually. If you have any thoughts about his article, make sure to put them down in the comments section.


How to use electrical winch without remote?

Answer: The process described above works for an electrical winch as well so you can follow the steps above to use your winch.

How to use badland winch without remote?

Answer: To use a badland winch without a remote, you have to connect it to the D-shackle. The tip should be facing up.

Can you hook a winch to itself?

Answer: Never hook the winch to itself because it will damage the cable as well as the winch.

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