How to Make a Chainsaw Winch? – (Do This First)

Chainsaw winches allow you to lift heavy objects and move them from one place to another. It may not be a tool that you will use on the daily basis but it is still essential for your home. Chainsaw winches prove to be quite useful on logging and hunting trips. However, it may be expensive to buy a chainsaw winch. Therefore, in this article we will guide you through the process of making your own chainsaw winch. Let’s go!

About Chainsaw winches

Chainsaw winches help convert chainsaw engine’s RPM into low-speed torque. This helps provide power to the winch. Chainsaw winches help improve usability as well as portability. The winch’s input shaft is driven by the chainsaw output shaft using a sprocket. The low RPM torque helps run the cable spool that rolls up the wire to help pull in the load.

Tools required

Before beginning work on the chainsaw wrench, make sure that you have all the tools that you will need. Following are the major tools and components that you will need:

  • Angles
  • Chanel
  • Flat iron
  • Shaft
  • Pulley
  • Chainsaw

Step by step guide making a chainsaw winch

A chainsaw winch needs to be operated using a chainsaw motor. The best part about this kind of winch is that it does not use electricity rather it uses gas as fuel. You can easily mount it on any stable surface and carry it along on your hunting trips. Follow the steps blow to make your own chainsaw winch.

1. Detaching the saw

The first step of the process is to detach the saw from the engine. This is because it is not possible to attach the winch and the saw to the same engine. You can read the user manual for the chainsaw to learn how to do this step. This is quite similar to placing the saw. Once you have detached the saw, keep it in a safe place so that you can put it back when needed.

2. Chainsaw engine condition

To get an idea of how well your chainsaw winch will perform, you have to first check the chainsaw engine’s condition. If the chainsaw is faulty, it will make the winch faulty as well which will be a waste of all your efforts. You have to ensure that the throttle and the clutch are in good condition. This is because these are the most important components of the winch.

3. Stainless steel aircraft wire

It is very important that you use a stainless-steel aircraft wire for the chainsaw winch because it is quite durable. It does not rust very quickly. You may also work with a rope if the cable is not available.

Take the drum of your pulley and begin winding the wire around it in a neat manner. Put together the flat channels, flat iron and angles to set the foundation for the winch.

4. Rubber tube

Now you will need to use the tail shaft housing. You may get a gearbox from an old car or the scrap yard and remove the housing from it. Take a section of rubber and measure it according to the size of the backplate of the box. Now, punch in some holes in the rubber. These holes will be used to fit in the bolts so that they can be attached to the main shaft of the winch.

5. Make use of a gas torch

Use a gas torch to weld all the major support brackets of the winch. If you don’t have a ga torch, just take your winch to a welder and he will do this job for you. Cut 3x10x3 inch pieces of a thick u-shaped channel.

6. Securing the transmission

Next, you have to secure the transmission along the main shaft of the winch. Take the metal plate on the bottom and drill holes into it. Use these holes to mount the crank and drum bracket. Attach the winch’s handle to the framework.

You have to put in a lot of effort to ensure that the winch works perfectly. Make sure that the handle is long so that you can hold onto it with ease while the winch is running. Finally, thread the crack joints of the winch and weld them as well.

7. Final step

You have now completed the whole process and the winch that you built is ready for use. Just attach this winch to the chainsaw and run it to ensure that everything works well.

Applications of chainsaw winches

Chainsaw winches can prove to be quite useful in our day to day lives. Following are some of the major uses of these winches:

  • Moving heavy boulders
  • Logging trees
  • Hauling game while hunting
  • Towing vehicles


Chainsaw winches are easily available in the market but they are a little expensive. For this reason, we have described this easy way of building your own chainsaw winch using tools that are easily available. This helps save money as it will cost you around $40 to build you own winch but buying a chainsaw winch will cost up to $100. We hope you were able to understand all the steps with ease. Good luck building your own chainsaw winch.


How do you turn a chainsaw into a winch?

Answer: You can replace the chainsaw’s sprocket with the winch’s adaptor to convert it into a winch.

How much can a chainsaw winch pull?

Answer: Most chainsaw winches can pull around 4000 to 8000 pounds.

Why should you build your own chainsaw winch?

Answer: Building your own chainsaw winch costs way less than buying a chainsaw winch so if you want to save money, you should build your own chainsaw winch.

What is the limitation of a chainsaw winch?

Answer: Chainsaw winches can only pull a limited amount of weight.

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