How to Double Winch Pulling Power? [ Don’t Do This]

A winch is a powerful tool that allows you to pull your vehicle by providing you with massive amounts of power. Experts recommend that you should invest in a winch with a weight capacity that is double the weight of your vehicle. Even if you do that, there will come times when you need even more pulling power. This article will help you learn how to double winch pulling power. Read on to know more.

Doubling winch pulling power

Following are 10 methods that will help you double winch pulling power:

  • Straight pull

A winch provides maximum pulling power when the cable wire is perfectly straight while pulling. However, most of the times it is quite difficult to find an anchor that is directly in front of the winch. This is where a snatch block comes in. It allows you to easily navigate tricky winching scenarios. You can rig a straight pull using a snatch block even if it is not possible to find an anchor point straight ahead of the winch. This helps double the winch pulling power.

  • Single line wrap

Another condition for the maximum pulling power of a winch is that the winch drum should have a single wrap of wire around it. Each wrap of cable wire around the drum reduces the weight capacity of the winch by about 10%. To satisfy this condition, you can use a snatch block to ensure that more cable is spooled out. This way you will be able to improve the efficiency of the winch.

  • Pulley block

You can also incorporate a pulley bock to the winch line in order to double the winch pulling power. This method uses a double winch line along with a pulley block to help increase the winch pulling power. However, when you are doubling the winch pulling power, you also need to ensure that the anchor point can endure this pressure. Make sure you use a strong tree trunk and also use a tree trunk protector for extra protection.

  • Pulling power zone

It is easier to turn a wrench when either you exert more power or you use a wrench with a longer handle. Same is the case for a winch. The pulling power zone is when only one wrap remains around the drum. In order to exert maximum power using a winch, you need to ensure that you stay within the pulling power zone. This will help increase the winch pulling power.

  • Multiple line pulls

Another way to increase the winch pulling power is by using multiple line pulls. In this method you don’t hook the winch directly to the tree but instead you run the line through a pulley block and then to the recovery point of your vehicle. This reduces the recovery speed in half but in turn doubles the winch pulling power. This means you can derive 20,000 pounds worth of pulling force using a 10,000-pound winch.

  • Multiple snatch blocks

You can also use more than one snatch blocks for increasing the winch pulling power. This helps reduce the tension being put on the motor of the winch. For this reason, this method is quite useful for heavy-duty winching. While using this method, make sure the anchor you are using can support all this weight and does not break down during the pulling process.

  • Using a recovery strap

If you have another vehicle to help you out then you may use an ARB recovery strap in order to double the pulling power of your winch. This helps stretch and utilize the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle to help you pull out your vehicle.

  • Using a vehicle and a tree

If you are lucky enough to have access to both a tree as well as another vehicle, then this method will help provide you with the maximum amount of pulling power. Use the tree as a snatch block and for the anchor, use the other vehicle. The line of the cable wire must point in the direction of the bottom vehicle. You may also attach the rear bumper of the other vehicle to another tree for added safety.

  • Using a second vehicle

In case you only have access to another vehicle but no tree then you can try increasing the winch pulling power using that vehicle. This works better if your vehicle is stuck down a hill. You can park the other vehicle on top of the hill to create an angle. Make sure the vehicle that is pulling is greater in weight than the vehicle being pulled.

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Alternative ways for increasing efficiency

Increasing the winch pulling power may not always be the best approach when it comes to pulling out stuck vehicles. It may slow down the process making it difficult for you to recover the vehicle. You can also try increasing the speed of recovery. However, make sure that the strap of the tow is properly connected to the other vehicle.


We hope this article helped you understand all the ways how you can double winch pulling power. Doing this will make the whole process much easier. If you are confused about any of the methods mentioned above, let us know and we would be more than glad to help out.


1. Does a snatch block double winch power?

Answer: Yes, a snatch block uses mechanical advantage to double winch pulling power.

2. How do you double a winch speed?

Answer: You can use a pulley to double the winch speed and make the process more efficient.

3. Will a 2000 lbs. winch pull a car?

Answer: Yes, if you use any of the methods mentioned above, you can double the pulling power and pull a car using a 2000 lbs. winch.

4. How strong should a winch be?

Answer: A winch should have a weight capacity that is double the weight of the vehicle or object that needs to be pulled.

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