Best Come Along Winch Review 2023 Experience User’s

Our Top Pick


NEIKO 02256A Come Along

  • 5-Ton
  • Dual Gear System
  • Reverser locking


TEKTON 2 Ton Power Puller

  • Laminated Steel Gear
  • Self-Closing Latch Hook
  • Tension Let Down


TEKTON 4 Ton Dual Gear

  • 21 inches long ratchet
  • Hooks with auto-lock latch
  • Used with a single hand

Friends! We are here again to have a review regarding Best Come Along Winch. This is a solid piece of equipment meant for tasks like lightweight vehicle recovery, handling or pulling heavy construction materials, and handling auto parts and body works.

These are more like a commonly used winch but differ concerning their size, build, and ability to pull heavyweight. These heavy-duty winches are either single line or double line operated. You will find a large number of Come Along Winches in the market that differ from each other in terms of features, pros, cons, add-ons, and prices.

Best Come Along Winch

Handheld winch works efficiently and does not depend on the other sources. It is a great tool for towing.

While moving ahead we will be discussing the features, pros, and cons of different Come Along Winches to find out the Best Come Along Winch. The detailed buying guide is going to clear your concept regarding the come along winch.

Best Come Along Winch Buying Guide:

Buying the winch is not the big deal but finding and how to choose the best come along winch is the real question. Our experts have written a brief guide for you, so you can make the perfect decision.

Most of the time in our lives we come across situations where we need to pull or lift something heavy which can only be done with the help of two or more people. People who can help with the lifting and dragging or pulling the weight are either not always available or you will have to pay for the same, besides spending extra time to call for help and waiting for the helpers to reach you.

This would have been easier, cost-saving, and time-saving for you if you had a hoist or a winch for you to do the job.

The come-along winches or hoist can do the lifting, pulling, and dragging for you. Before going to make a purchase decision regarding a come along winch/ hoist for you, the following are the minimal points that must be taken into account.

What type of job do you need to do?

This means that you must be clear that either you want to lift the weight more often or you have to pull or drag the weight. An answer to this question is needed as the winches have differences in a design concerning need.

The length of the rope/ chain:

Different types of winches have different lengths of rope/ chain. It depends on your need and what length of rope you exactly need. 

Size & Pulling Capacity of the Winch:

The pulling capacity of the winch must be taken into count in collaboration with the weight of the anchor and the size of the boat. Boats up to 20 feet of length need anchors up to 40 pounds and not more.

Anti Reverse latches/ pawl:

Anti Reverse Latches/ Pawls are installed in the winches to make sure that the weight is not reversed or slipped so that safety is maintained whilst lifting or pulling the weight to its desired position on the other hand if anti-reverse latches are installed you will have to put less effort.


The primary concern of buying any winch is the budget. Market is full of different kinds of winches. So, you have to make the right decision by considering your budget.

Best Come Along Winch – Comparesion Table:





  • Steel Alloy Made.
  • Self-Closing Latch Hook
  • Tension Let Down
  • Dual gears
  • 21 inches long ratchet
  • Hooks with auto-lock latch
  • 21 inches long ratchet
  • Dual Gear System
  • Auto closing latch with hooks
  • Steel Alloy body & gears
  • 4 Ton pulling capacity
  • Hooks with auto-closing latches
  • 35 feet long Amsteel blue cable
  • Detachable ratchet
  • Rustproof
  • Ratcheting pull
  • Strong grip
  • ¾ Ton Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Chains
  • 10 feet lifting
  • 1100 pounds lifting.
  • Auto-lock latches
  • Ratcheting
  • ½ Ton Weighing Capacity

Detailed Reviewed

This incredible winch is built from alloy steel. Having two auto-lock hooks makes the grip firm and avoids slipping. This winch is fitted with 3/16 inches aircraft-grade braided steel cable which can handle heavy weights easily.

Laminated steel gears enhance the estimated useful life of the winch. 17 inches long steel ratchet attached to it with a cushion allows the user to pull them easily with lesser effort.

Key Features:

  • Aircraft Grade Steel Cable: TEKTON 2 Ton Power Puller is built with 3/16 inches aircraft-grade braided steel wire that can bear up to 4-ton weight. This enables TEKTON to pull heavy loads with ease.
  • High Leverage: TEKTON has a 17 inches long steel ratchet combined with high-quality steel gears and an auto-reverse lock, this combination enables you to pull weight with fewer efforts and reduces the pressure on the hand. 
  • Automatic Notch: An automatic notch is installed with the main gear of the winch that is applied automatically with the main gear to avoid reverse. This also reduces the stress on the ratchet hence providing smooth pull with less effort.
  • Self Closing Safety Latch: Both the hooks installed to the winch are built with an automatic closing notch enabling the user to avoid slipping and maintain a firm grip. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Aircraft Grade Steel Cable
  • One-hand operation
  • Anti-reverse control
  • High-quality steel alloy make

Reasons to Avoid

  • Cannot pull vertically

This is a C-type winch made from a high-quality steel alloy. High-quality dual steel gears attached to the ratchet along with ¼ inches of aircraft-grade braided steel cable allow the user to pull more load with even one hand.

Hooks attached to it are built with auto-closing latches allowing a firm grip on the items you need to pull. A dual gear system allows the distribution of the pull force evenly. Auto-locking pawl attached to gears makes sure that no extra pressure is observed on the hand and the weight is not reversed.

Key features:

  • All Steel Gear: All steel gears are installed with this winch that enhances the useful life of this product and can bear heavy loads up to 4 tons.
  • Dual Gears: Dual gears are installed with 21 inches long ratchet and a softly cushioned handle. Dual gears allow even distribution of the force applied.
  • Hooks with Auto Close Latch: Three high-quality hooks are installed to the winch along with the combination of a pulley attached to them. All the hooks are built with an auto-closing latch providing a firm grip and avoiding slip.
  • Reverse Lock Pawl: Reverse locking pawl is attached to the dual gear. This pawl avoids the reverse pull of the weight and allows the user to pull the weight with ease and with less effort.

Reasons to Buy

  • Steel Alloy Body
  • Carbon steel gear
  • Deal gear system
  • Reverse Locking Pawl

Reasons to Avoid

  • Less length of rope

Three hooks with an auto-closing latch are attached to it with a pulley providing a firm grip and easy pulling.  a 21 inches long steel ratchet makes you able to pull the weights easily and with the application of less force even with the help of a single hand.

Key features:

  • Hand Ratcheting: 21 inches long steel ratchet with a soft cushioned grip attached to the winch allowing you to pull the weight with ease and comfort.
  • Hooks with closing latch: Three hooks forged from steel alloy along with an auto-closing latch allow a firm grip and avoid slipping while pulling the load. 
  • Pull Line Capacity: This winch can pull up to 5 tons of weight even with a single hand.
  • Dual Gears: Dual gears are attached to the winch so that the force applied to the ratchet is evenly distributed and weight is pulled easily. Gears are made with high-quality steel and in the form of three layers to enhance the utility and use the durable life of the winch. 

Reasons to Buy

  • High pull line capacity
  • C type steel alloy build
  • Easy pull with a single hand

Reasons to Avoid

  • 12 feet capacity

The pulling capacity of this winch is up to 4 tons. Three hooks are available with this winch to be used wherever you need them. a 21 inches long steel ratchet is attached to it with a comfortable grip allowing the user to make the pull with less effort.

Dual gears are installed in the winch so that the force applied to the ratchet is equally distributed and yields the desired results with less effort made. Reverse lock and release buttons enable this best budget come along winch to release pressure from the hand and allow you to pull and release the weight as per your requirements.

Key features:

  • Braided Steel Cable: 3/16 inches aircraft-grade braided steel cable is installed in the winch. This cable can bear a load of up to 5 tons easily.
  • Dual Gears: Dual gears are installed in the winch to pull the cable. Dual gears allow even distribution of the force applied on the ratchet. More pull, less effort assured.
  • Hand Ratcheting: A 21-inch long high-quality steel ratchet is installed with the winch. A softly cushioned grip is installed with the ratchet allowing you to pull with ease, even with a single hand.
  • Steel Alloy: High-quality steel alloy is used to manufacture this winch so that the long durable life & utility of the winch is assured. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Multipurpose use
  • Dual gear with dual lock pawl
  • Easy to pull and release
  • Aircraft-grade steel cable

Reasons to Avoid

  • A bit higher in price.

This winch is built with a 35’ long 5/16” Amsteel Blue Cable. Amsteel Blue Cable is strong enough to handle a weight of 3 to 5 tons.

This best come along winch is built with 3 extremely strong hooks built with auto-locking latches. This winch can be used with either two hooks or by adding a third hook with a pulley. A detachable ratchet handle is attached to the winch enabling you to handle the winch easily.

Key features:

  • Ductile Steel: This US-made come-along winch is forged from ductile steel which is highly durable and remains rustproof, hence it has a long durable useful life. 
  • Amsteel Blue Cable: Amsteel Blue Cable is an advanced technology that makes the rope strong enough along with making the rope safer from rust and damage.
  • Three Hooks with Latches: This winch is made with three hooks. Winch can either be used with two hooks or by adding the third hook with a pulley attached to it.
  • Detachable Ratchet: Ratchet attached to the winch is detachable, hence the winch becomes easy to handle and store.

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly durable
  • 3-ton weighing capacity
  • Safety reverse lock

Reasons to Avoid

  • Less weighing capacity

This winch is ideal for stretching, pulling, and hanging different items up to a weight of ¾ tons with the help of rope. With the availability of 100 feet, long ½ inches rope reach is enhanced along with the flexibility.

Dual steel gears attached to a ratchet distribute the force evenly and enable you to pull with ease and with fewer efforts made.

Key features:

  • Long Reach: This winch comes with ½ inches 100 feet long nylon rope. This makes the winch reach longer spots.
  • Excellent Grip: The Ratchet attached to the winch is built with a strong 17-inch long ratchet with a nice firm and soft excellent grip handle. Allowing you to use the winch without putting extra force and without slipping.
  • Hooks with Auto Lock Latches Highly strong forged hooks attached to this winch are built with auto-locking latches allowing the user to make a firm grip without slipping.
  • Long Reach & Flexible: This winch comes with a 100 feet long nylon cable. This makes the winch reach the longer spots easily.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy pulling.
  • Strong Ratchet
  • Non Slip grip
  • Long-range & flexible

Reasons to Avoid

  • Low pulling capacity

This Chain Block Hoist is the best winch to lift the weight up to 1100 pounds and can lift to the height of 10 feet.

This is a highly durable hoist winch and lifting and lowering the weight with the help of this winch becomes fun.

Key features:

  • Chain Block: Chain Block is the most commonly available and the oldest form of the winch. Being a chain block hoist this product has a very long useful durable life.
  • Multipurpose: This winch can be used to practically lift anything, but, within the weight capacity of the winch. 
  • Alloy Steel: All the parts of Super Handy Manual Chain Block Hoist Come Along Winch are made from Alloy Steel hence remain safe from rust and damage, to perform for a longer period.
  • Safety: This winch comes with two hooks attached to the chain and the hoist. Both the hooks are built with auto-locking latches so that safety is assured.

Reasons to Buy

  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Easy carrying handles
  • No leakage
  • Vibrant color

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavy in weight

Milled Steel gears made from black oxide are installed in the hoist so that it works efficiently for a very long period. A Dual Pawl braking system is installed in the hoist to make it more secure. High-quality forged hooks are installed with the auto-locking latches to enhance the safety of the hoist.

This hoist is ideal for lifting and dragging at construction sites, garages, and homes.

Key features:

  • Steel Alloy Chain: The chain attached to the hoist is forged from Alloy Steel metal so that it can resist rust etc. and remains in useful use for a very long period. 
  • Hooks with locks: Super strong hooks are installed with auto-locking latches so that they do not slip or lose grip during the operation to maintain safety.
  • Ratchet to pull: An Aluminum ratchet is attached to the hoist for raising and dropping the weight. An ergonomic plastic handle is also installed with the ratchet so that it can be operated with ease.

Reasons to Buy

  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Easy carrying handles
  • No leakage
  • Vibrant color

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavy in weight


1. How much weight can a come-along winch can hold?

Ans: There are several products available in the market with different weighing capacities. What weighting capacity the winch should have solely depends on your need. The weighing capacity of the come-along winches varies from ½ ton to 5 tons.

2. What is the best Amsteel Rope, Steel Rope, or Chain?

Ans: Every type of rope has its utilities and weighing capacity. It solely depends upon the job you need to get done from the winch.  

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