(Top 8) Best Boat Trailer Winch Review & Guide 2023

Our Top Pick


Megaflint Trailer Winch

  • Rated Line Pull 2000lbs
  • Noise-Reducing Design
  • Dual Braking System


Powerwinch 912 Trailer Winch

  • Extendable Power
  • Single-click operation
  • Rated Line Pull 11500lbs
  • 40ft long rope


Camco Winch

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Two-Way Winch
  • Large Handle

Boating is one of the oldest modes of movement. There are conventional ways of loading and unloading a boat into the water. You should have a winch on hand when you go for a boat ride. What kind of winch is suitable for you? The answer is no! Choosing the right winch is equally important as having the right boat.

The choice is not simple; you must consider the material, line, capacity, gear ratio, speed, brake, motor, etc. Many users complained about their winches; they did not pick the right one for their boat.

But you should not worry at all, as we have not only compiled a list of the best boat winches but have provided a comprehensive buying guide along with pros and cons. So, go through the entire article to select the best winch suited for your usage.

Consider These Things Before Buy Boat Trailer Winch:-

When choosing a boat winch, keep these factors in mind. Among the factors listed below, performance is the primary factor.

  • Capacity:

The most important factor to keep in mind is the winch’s capacity. Capacity is measured in-line pull rating. The combination of the tensile strength of the drumline and the winch’s mechanical capacity makes the winch’s overall capacity.

There is a simple mathematical calculation to decide how much capacity you need for your best boat winch mount.

Multiply gross boat weight (GBW)and multiply it by 1.5. For instance, if your boat weighs 4500lbs, the best boat winch capacity is 6,750lbs. Still confused with capacity, adopt the highest available; the higher the capacity, the better the pull.

  • Rope:

Two different ropes are available on winches, a synthetic rope or a steel cable.

A synthetic rope is lightweight, flexible, stronger, and easy to manage and carry. If you work on trails, then the synthetic rope is more suited. The downside of synthetic rope is that they are susceptible to ultraviolet exposure, heat, and chemicals.

A steel rope is durable and serves for longer periods. They are a good fit in highly abrasive terrains. But usually, steel cables are not recommended for boats. They tend to rust and easily break when they contact water for an extended period.

  • Winch Types:

Like ropes, winches come in two types, an electric boat winch, and hydraulic winches. The manual boat winches are almost out of the market as users no longer buy them.

Nowadays, electric winches are the most common type. They get power from the boat motor. Electrical winches offer more power and incredible winding speeds. Most electric winches come with remote controls, which means you can operate them by standing at the shore.

Meanwhile, hydraulic winches are more reliable. They consume less power and do not bother even on low battery powers. That is why hydraulic winches are preferred when it comes to boats.

  • Motors:

Electric winches have two types of motors, the series-wound motors, and the permanent magnet motors.

If you have a heavy-duty boat winch, we recommend opting for a series-wound motor. They are more powerful and use field coils to generate a magnetic field.

However, select a winch made of permanent magnet motors for light to medium-level boats. As these are not costly and can manage medium levels pushes. At low temperatures, they usually lose power.

  • Winch Gear Options:

Winches have three different types of gear: planetary gear, worm gear, and spun gear.

Planetary gears are the most commonly used gears as they are cost-effective, compact, low in weight. Usually, get hot when spooling heavyweight. Worm gears are not as strong and do not offer heavy loading capacity. Spun gears are the most cost-effective and offer the best transfer efficiency.

Considering the features above, we compiled a list of the best boat winch available online. Read on to know each one.

Comparesion Table:





  • Rated Line Pull:2000lbs
  • Weight:27lbs
  • Power Supply:12V
  • Rated Line Pull: 2500lbs
  • Weight: 6lbs
  • Power Supply: Manual
  • Rated Line Pull:2000lbs
  • Weight:27lbs
  • Power Supply:12V
  • Rated Line Pull:3000lbs
  • Weight:28lbs
  • Power Supply:12V
  • Rated Line Pull:2000lbs
  • Weight:8lbs
  • Power Supply: Manual
  • Rated Line Pull:11500lbs
  • Weight:35lbs
  • Power Supply:12V
  • Rated Line Pull:3200lbs
  • Weight:16.4lbs
  • Power Supply: Manual
  • Rated Line Pull:45lbs
  • Weight:16.72lbs
  • Power Supply:12V

Best Boat Trailer Winch – Detailed Reviewed

The boat winch electric has a dual braking system a dynamic and mechanical friction braking. I found it very versatile in nature and functioning. The enhanced power motor produces higher winching power as I was able to pull out my boat from a muddy area with the help of the Mega flint winch.

The line speed reaches up to 6feet/minute with load, which is pretty good while pulling out a boat. With no doubt, I enjoyed my time with Megaflint winch. It never failed to help me out whenever required and was up to the task whenever required. Overall, the winch was easy to carry, mount use, and delivered reliable performance.


  • Dual Braking System: The dual braking system works with dynamic and mechanical frictions. Which offers more control over losing and pushing the ropes when working in tense environments.
  • Noise-Reducing Design: Usually, winches, when not adequately oiled, make a lot of noise; however, Mega flint’s boat winch post-minimal noise and works almost noiseless. Just keep it greased, and it will work as if sleeping.
  • Compact Design: A heavy-duty winch that easily fits your vehicle’s corner. The compact design makes it a perfect fit for working in congested spaces.

Reasons to Buy

  • Price to Value
  • User friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Long working cable
  • Compact

Reasons to Avoid

  • Incompatible with heavy-duty boats

Throughout the past two years, I have used the Goldenrod winch. It worked perfectly well before the claws got loosened. I found it well built and quite solid for its price. The hand winches may not seem popular these days, but I bet you will not disappoint if you purchase one. I feel more in control of the operation. I worked my way with a hand winch. I loved the 2-speed design and removable handle as they provided me with power and precision. However, I had to keep small parts lubricated to avoid jamming and rusting.


  • Adaptive Speeds: The winch comes with 2-Speed options, which means you have complete control over power and precision. Just adjust the plug to change the speeds as desired. The frictions and claws may wear over high power, but it works perfectly well.
  • Durability: As the Goldenrod winch stands with high-quality material, it will last for years. The rigid material makes it sturdy and robust.
  • Molded grip: The grip on the winch is molded with ergonomics, protecting against rust. Thus, enhancing the material’s life. While the entire material is embossed with a tuff plate, which means you can easily use it in damp conditions.

Reasons to Buy

  • High-quality materials
  • Lightweight
  • Uni-color
  • Hand-winch manual

Reasons to Avoid

  • Claws wear over
  • Grease it constantly to prevent rusting

Overall, I found Bravex winch a better upgrade from the previous version. I had extracted maximum utilization from the winch under touch conditions. The galvanized steel cable and hook provided extra safety, and I was able to get 2000lbs pulling capacity for my 18ft boat, which makes one of the best boat winches available in the market. Additionally, a two-year warranty gives the buyers peace of mind and confidence in quality manufacturing.


  • Automatic Braking: One of the best features is an automatic braking system. It enhances cable life, but it helps to avoid overheating the motor, which increases the product’s durability for a considerable amount of time.
  • Ultra-Cooling: If used at light loads of up to 150lbs, the winch gets ready for use in just one minute. While if it is used in a fully loaded capacity of 2000lbs, it may take 6 to 8 minutes to cool. Which is pretty impressive for such a level of work?

Reasons to Buy

  • Automatic braking system
  • Dual direction electric winching
  • Dual-mode operation
  • Long cable
  • Low noise operation

Reasons to Avoid

  • Clutch gets fried at times
  • Do not have stainless cable hook

I had tried Goldenrod winch on different sizes of boats. And I must say it was very reliable for sizes as advertised by the manufacturer. My neighbor tried it on their 6000lbs boat and was very satisfied with the performance. Also, the two-brake system saved from a big mishappening. However, the wiring on the winch is very thick, which means I could not convert them into AC/DC power supply.


  • Easy Installation: The Goldenrod electric winch is very easy to install. The hooks and wires are so well equipped that you do not have to unwind them for longer periods to have them installed.
  • Gear Ratio: The 570:1 gear ratio is among the best ratios available in such price range models. It offers easy mobility, but you can also use it in tight spaces with equal control.
  • Additional Cables: The box contains a pre-installed 2″x20′ polyester straps wiring harness (25ft positive battery wire and 8ft ground wire). This means you do not have to buy additional cables, saving extra money.

Reasons to Buy

  • Freewheel operation facility
  • Easy to use
  • Dual brake system
  • Compact

Reasons to Avoid

  • Limited Warranty

In addition, the winch is made up of high-quality material with smooth ratcheting and forward/reverse tab options. The Camco 5000 winch worked well for me; it was pretty smooth and managed heavy loads with no breakage. I could easily dock my boat from the vehicle with a longboat winch strap.

Furthermore, one feature I liked the most was the smooth processing. I was able to raise and lower the track setter, something which previously I had to get off and back on the snowmobile to do so. However, cable length seems on the shorter side than other models.


  • Corrosion-resistant: The Camco’s winch is equipped with corrosion-resistant zinc-plated steel, making the product durable and long-lasting. Does this mean the product offers complete value for money?
  • ●       Two-Way Winch: The gear is both ways movable, which means you can either forward the winch rope or roll back. Such a function is usually hard to find on manual winches.
  • Large Handle: The long 8′ handle is of utmost importance. It helped to create inertia and enforce more power into the pull. In addition, the handle is protected by a cover to avoid rusting.

Reasons to Buy

  • Two-way winching
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant material

Reasons to Avoid

  • Comparatively, the cable length is short

I can safely say that I had the best time at my Powerwinch. It handles heavy loads, but it also smoothly manages small to medium weight loads. The second thing I most liked was its long cable. The standard-sized ropes are readily available, but having the liberty of 40ft long rope was the best thing to have at my disposal. The line speed of 8 feet per minute may sound lagging, but I enjoyed working with it. Overall, I am delighted with the performance and efficiency of the Powerwinch.


  • Extendable Power: The Powerwinch offers the facility of a hook to use a pulley or block at the bow eye, which doubles the winch’s pulling power. Not a feature you usually see with other manufacturers.
  • Single-click operation: Just make a single click and enjoy seeing your boating smoothly and effortlessly loading on your vehicle. The one-click operation makes it easy to operate the winch.
  • Cable Length: The Powerwinch 912 model has a 40ft long rope, much more than the industry standard rope size. One plus is practical when the docks are long. The boat has to cover a significant distance getting loaded on the vehicle.

Reasons to Buy

  • Thick cable diameter 7/32 inches
  • Easy to operate
  • Excellent gear ratio (450:1)
  • Single line/double line functionality

Reasons to Avoid

  • No remote-control facility

One of the highest-ranking boat towing winches in my books. I still own Fulton boat winch and carry it around with me. The winch has never let me down and produces superior working levels. The powerful machine and beautiful modern design make it a must-have winch for all types of users. I rate it high and recommend it without any second thoughts.


  • Covered Design: A beautiful, wholly covered design makes it a very attractive and face-turner winch. Most winches come open shape, but to have one in a covered design is not a bad thing to consider.
  • Cost-Effective: The winch body is covered in corrosion-resistant material, thus effectively reducing maintenance costs. The oiling and greasing costs are minimum. However, you may need to open and add lubricant to keep the machine going well.
  • Warranty: The Fulton winch comes with a lifetime warranty. This proves that the product is made with precision and high-tech materials. Thus, making it a perfect buy if you are looking for a winch that lasts forever.

Reasons to Buy

  • 4 position handle adjustment
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth 2-speed planetary gear system
  • Single piece corrosion resistant frame

Reasons to Avoid

  • Small cable length
  • Difficult to open and apply oil

Electric Anchor’s performance meets my expectations. To test the quality of the material, I had used it in salt water for 8 hours long and was pleased with the resulting outcome. The 12V motor produces a staggering 70ft/min speed. Also, one year warranty is a cool feature in light of the product’s harsh environment. Another function I enjoyed using was the remote-control system.


  • Rope Expansion: The product comes up with an additional 100ft long free rope handy in deep waters.
  • Circuit Breaker: The circuit breaker works automatically, thus enhancing motor life. Once the overcurrent is found and corrected, the winch automatically restarts functioning.
  • Second Switch Kit: The Anchor winch has a second switch kit in addition to the standard kit. Such a facility is usable at the boat’s helm or wherever it is most convenient.

Reasons to Buy

  • Usable in both fresh water and saltwater
  • Sealed membrane
  • Automatic circuit breaker
  • Beautiful modern design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Plastics have a short lifespan


The article concludes with a comparison of the best boat winches. You can have all the information required to buy the perfect winch. We have added buying guide and FAQs, and products to ease you out with your decision to buy the best winch.

We’ve outlined two of the best boat winches to narrow your search.

●      The Powerwinch 912, with its long wire and one push working, makes it to our shortlisted boat winches. The powerful winch is capable of managing heavy loads.

●      Fulton FW32000101 with its one-piece corrosion-resistant frame and manual operation. The four-position adjustment handle and sleek design easily make it to our further shortlist of the best winches.

This concludes our article; thank you for reading, and we hope you found the right winch for your boat. Adios and enjoy!


1. How to guess the best boat winch for my boat?

A general rule of thumb determines the best winch size. First, you need to weigh your boat; multiply the weight by 1.5 to understand the ideal winch capacity required to manage your boat easily.

2. Are there any precautions to follow while using a winch?

Yes, winches can cause harm if you fail to take certain precautions. You need to follow general precautions all the time and certain specific ones as listed below:

  • Always wear gloves when dealing with copper/steel winches●      Keep winches out of reach of young kids
  • Try staying away from winches when in use
  • Never operate a winch by standing between the winch’s anchor point and the boat
  • Do not exceed the pulling capacity of the winch
  • Keep the cable wrapped around the winch drum at a minimum of eight times

3. What is meant by gear ratio?

Gear ratio is the number of revolutions a handle will take to turn the spool once. For instance, a gear ratio of 5:1 means that the handle will require five complete turns to turn the spool 360 degrees.

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