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Our Top Pick


RC4WD 1/10 Mini

  • Weight: 0.32lbs
  • Pull Capacity: 60 ounces
  • Material:  Steel cables, aluminum case


INJORA Metal Automatic

  • Input voltage: 5V – 12V
  • Battery model: 3V
  • Color: Black, grey, red
  • Material:  Metal


RC Winch, 1/10 Electic

  • Weight:  114g
  • Load limit: 2.5 – 3 kg
  • Control: 20m

RC winches are versatile power tools for repetitive lifting. All types of RC cars also benefit from RC winches as these are equally efficient in off-road and on-road lifting. The best RC winch performs with the help of a cable, motor, drum, and gear powered by the motor.

For pulling heavy equipment with an RC winch, the vehicle’s support is used as an anchor to pull it forward. They work by letting go of the rope. Similarly, ropes are also conventionally used for pulling stuck objects like boats or cars. However, winches are the best solution since they are more effective and efficient.

However, the mind-boggling question is which winch to choose from the hundreds of options available in the market. We have enlisted a list of the 8 best RC winches to ease your decision. In addition to online reviews, this list also considers the author’s own experiences and research. We have also mentioned the complete features, specifications, pros, and cons below for your convenience. Also, a buyer’s guide gives you a better winch experience.

Let us get going with the central core of our discussion.

If You Want to Buy Best RC Winch Then Must Read Buyer Guide:

Whether you are a first-time buyer and have already bought this product, you should go through our buying guide to get your purchase right.

  • Line Pull Capacity: The winch line, commonly known as the pulling power or the maximum load, is the most critical factor to check while choosing a winch. Whether it is rescuing your vehicle from mud or you need to drag out some other heavy material, what matters the most is the pulling capacity.

The next question is knowing which line pull is best suited for you. Well, this is determinable by a simple mathematical equation. Just multiply the vehicle’s gross weight by 1.5, and the answer determines your winch’s capacity. In simple words, the higher the pulling power, the better the winch.

  • Winch Rope: Many users do not know the types of ropes and their work regarding winches. Ultimately, they face challenges in getting the job done. Let us explore two types of ropes in further detail.
  • Steel Cable:  Steel cables are easy to maintain and produce and store a good amount of momentum. They are easy to handle, such as unwinding and hooking up. Additionally, the performance is excellent, and you can efficiently complete the job in a short time.
  • Synthetic Rope: Although synthetic ropes are very much in, they are light and robust, but these are not durable. Still, snapping is relatively safe even though it does not store momentum. Further, it is usable for mountain climbing. The only negative is these are expensive in terms of maintenance.
  • Cable length: The cables’ length on winches varies from model to model. However, the usual range of the cables is within 80 to 100 feet. So, try not to exceed a length of 100 feet, which will result in less power for the RC winch. Similarly, do not go below 80 feet, as a small rope does not allow you to reach a high distance.
  • Remote operation:  Remote control is another helpful feature that improves user safety. Remote controls come in either wireless or wired. Both are equally helpful. If you do not want to get yourself into the dirt, you must opt for a wireless functioned winch.
  • Brand:  We do not mean to make your brand conscious, but it matters. It is always preferable to go for a name you already have used instead of using and testing a new name. Such information is readily available from online portals.

Let’s now look at the 8 best RC winches currently available.

Best RC Winch in 2022 – Comparesion Table:





  • Weight: 0.32lbs
  • Pull Capacity: 60 ounces
  • Load limit:  9lbs
  • Weight:  114g
  • Voltage: 7.2 – 8V
  • Load limit: 2.5 – 3 kg
  • Input voltage:   5V – 12V
  • Battery model: 3V
  • Material:  Metal
  • Load Capacity:   7-9kg
  • Voltage:   5-11.1V
  • Dimensions:  85x37x32mm
  • Item weight:  0.22 pounds
  • Dimensions:  0.57 x 0.18 x .75 inches
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Weight:  114g
  • Load limit:   2.5 – 3kg
  • Voltage:  7.2 – 8V
  • Material:  Metal
  • Weight: 58g
  • Power: 3S LiPo batteries
  • Weight:   208g
  • Voltage:    6V – 11.1V
  • Load Limit: 6.6lbs (deadlift), 9lbs (rolling drags)

Best RC Winch in 2022 – Detailed Reviewed

My amazement grew as I operated the winch. The 3″ spring-loaded war hook ascertains its pulling capacity is 60lbs. The motor I used was a comparatively low AMP, and it worked perfectly. Additionally, I found it convenient to use both the wired and wireless operating options, thus making it capable enough to perform low to medium-level winching jobs.


  • Durability: The mini Warn winch lasts longer than expected. Steel cables and an aluminum case make the product sturdy. The medium-sized operation adds life to the overall functionality of the winch. The product is well made and detailed for longevity. The average life of the winch is fourteen years.
  • Compact: The winch has an overall compact design. Because of its small dimensions, the winch fits into small spaces easily. In addition, you can easily place it on your vehicle without adjusting for space. Ideal for people who work in confined spaces.
  • Usage:   The RC4WD mini winch is highly user-friendly. Setting it up and taking it down is not tricky. You need to use the nuts and bolts to attach the vehicle’s winch. The hook perfectly fits with almost all types of vehicles, Thus making the operation quick and smooth without any hassle of assembly.

Reasons to Buy

  • Perfect fit for RC winch bumpers
  • Sleek design
  • Dual functionality – wired and wireless controllers
  • Grill guarded
  • Strong aluminum case

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not waterproof

As the winch is almost all positive, I chose it as my choice. Tow objects or RC cars that have become stuck in the mud is what I do with the winch wire cable. Generally, I am satisfied with its performance and artistic qualities. As the winch has a variety of accessories, thus it looks superb on the car when assembled. Moreover, the best 1/10 metal winch received has multiple connections, so I connected it to two electrical winch ports simultaneously.  


  • Design:  RC Winches tend to look dull. However, the Dilwe winch looks spectacular and adds value to the vehicle’s overall appearance. The red, grey, and black colors look vibrant and eye-catching.
  • Accessories: The box contains all the accessories required to use the winch. Unlike few other brands where you must buy third-party accessories to make the buy, this manufacturer provides all the parts with the winch. Thus, saving you extra money.
  • Convenient: Two buttons on the remote controller make it a suitable product, one is for winch rope elongation, and the other is for rope contraction. Similarly, the received can connect with two types of electric winch ports. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Price-to-value
  • Suitable for crawler cars
  • High quality
  • Easy to operate

Reasons to Avoid

  • Gears are not durable

I was attracted to the remote control functionality, which provides safety by buying this winch. Injora’s metal winch worked well as long as it lasted. The hook is a durable material and is ideal for challenging winching scenarios. I used it in challenging circumstances, and it did not disappoint me. Overall the unit looks well and works well once it is up and running.


  • Safety:  This best RC 1/10 winch has a remote control operating system, which means you can control it by standing at a safe distance from the operation. Safety is first, and this injora winch puts it on priority.
  • Multiple Towing: The winch can be rewound to tow objects or remote-controlled car seized in mud. So, you use the winch with two different objects simultaneously, thus offering you the multi-usage option.
  • Easy assembly: You can easily mount the winch by following simple steps. The winch comes with a detailed instruction manual which makes it easy to use. Just follow the steps and god to go with your winching operation. 

Reasons to Buy

  • User-friendly
  • Hardwearing
  • Price/value is good
  • Reliable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Batteries not included

The most important feature for me was its housing metal of cast aluminum. The winch is quite strong as compared to its construct. The remote worked perfectly for me. The high-quality materials and rotation switch design deliver stable and durable performance. I had tried simulating the performance of the actual cars, and it brought a pleasant experience. Highly satisfied with the overall winch performance and precision.


  • Longevity:  Durability is one of the main aspects of this winch. The housing metal used to manufacture the winch offers extra years of life. Additionally, the soft cables do not bend and break easily. So, you can use them in difficult positions with the same level of effectiveness. 
  • Efficient: The best RC winch works efficiently without losing the rope’s tension. The craft is of higher quality and is used to drag objects stuck in challenging situations. The addition of the remote control further increases the effectiveness.
  • Powerful: The VGEBY winch offers two motors, which generate a high amount of power. The higher the power, the better the performance. Which indeed makes it an ideal purchase for tough jobs.

Reasons to Buy

  • Solid and durable
  • Soft cables
  • Remote control operation
  • Easy installation
  • Efficient in operation

Reasons to Avoid

  • Mounting screws are not part of the package

As far as I’m concerned, the winch worked perfectly. I replaced my cheap winch with this one. The warn winch has performed well with several RCs, and it never lets me down. The free spool option is bound to give a tremendous winching experience. The winch needs relatively low AMP to operate. Moreover, it does not overdo with the pre-installed batteries (11.1V – 6V). The rope is also durable and made of synthetic material.


  • Heavy duty: Do not go on the size of the winch. It is capable of delivering heavy-duty performances without compromising on quality. The winch has excellent features, including heavy-duty, offers pulling strength, spool, and unmatched details.
  • Trusted:   You can quickly put your complete trust in the brand name. The Warn is the industry leader in producing winches. So, the trust and legacy the winch contain are undoubted. Just have faith and let the unit perform its duty with outstanding artistry.
  • Sturdy: One of the very few RC winches which offer free spooling. The overall design and manufacturing are very sturdy. The synthetic material is rare on RC winches, but the Warn has got you covered with this facility.

Reasons to Buy

  • Long-lasting
  • Sleek design
  • Good with damp situations
  • Heavy duty

Reasons to Avoid

  • No remote control included

I bought it, and it worked perfectly with the Traxxas RC winch. Overall, the hauling of the winch is excellent. The material used is of high quality. Furthermore, almost all accessories are already part of the package, so I do not have to spend extra money to procure them. It was a great purchase as it performed as intended and supported me well.


  • Appearance:  The readiness winch is an impressive sight. It must make it to your bucket list with its exquisite appearance, excellent performance, and satisfactory quality. The color scheme of red, black, and grey, coupled with perfect finishing, makes it an eye-catching item.
  • Complete kit: You will receive this package containing all the required accessories. So, you do not need to re-visit the market to get stuff to complete and package and start using your winch. It saves both money and time.
  • Durable: Winch lasts longer than an average RC winch. The full metal product offers solidity and sturdiness. Capable of managing 2.5 to 3kgs of loads are ideal for this size and ability product.

Reasons to Buy

  • Elegant design
  • Compact
  • Solid, long-lasting
  • Low voltage operation
  • Remote control operation

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavyweights lose momentum

For me, the climbing car winch came in very handy. The beautiful design adds value to the car outlook when installed on the car. Its aesthetics are unmatchable. Simulation winch finishes are matte-like car interiors. Also, the working spring-loaded hook and synthetic rope are durable. Although it performs flawlessly, this winch is well built.


  • Craftsmanship:  The winch has an attractive appearance. It has a delicate plastic body with a beautiful reproduction appearance and offers a real-life oversized look, high quality, and craftsmanship. 
  • Performance: The winch has a working spring-loaded hook and a synthetic rope which help to deliver high performance. The fairleads, chains, and hooks work well and are generally high power. Thus, making it an excellent pick for crawlers’ cars.
  • Installation: The installation is relatively easy as compared to other models. All you need is to follow a simple series of steps to get your item ready for work. Required parts are already part of the package.

Reasons to Buy

  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Easy carrying handles
  • No leakage
  • Vibrant color

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavy in weight

The Taidda RC car winch is a blast to use. Designed by leading manufacturers, they offer excellent performance. I had used it underwater, and surprisingly, it did not rust or break. The structure is very flexible, coupled with steel components. The working spring-loaded hooks and synthetic winch rope made my life easy. From my experience, this is a first-rate winch.


  • Compatibility: Even if we term it universally compatible, it is not a lie. The winch is easily compatible with almost all cars, including the crawler cars, the Axial, Redcat, Hsp, and other models. So, one of the most compatible RC winch.
  • Low power:  The winch starts working even at meager power. It uses 3S LiPo batteries to generate power. Usually, the batteries drain out fast if used for a more extended period, but with this winch, they last longer. The winch keeps on working when batteries are low. 
  • High Quality: The quality is unquestionable on the Warn winch. The winch has superior models, solid and sturdy design, exquisite appearance, and outstanding performance. So expect nothing less than excellent artistry when using the winch.

Reasons to Buy

  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Easy carrying handles
  • No leakage
  • Vibrant color

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavy in weight


We hope we have done enough to make your purchase stress-free. But to further ease your decision-making, we are shortlisting two of the best RC winch mentioned below.

  1. Taidda Rc Car Automatic Winch is the first shortlisted for its beautiful design, high performance, durability, and easy assembly. All these features make it an ideal RC crawler winch.
  2. INJORA Metal Automatic Winch becomes the second top pick from our referrals. Wireless, quiet, heavy-duty, and smooth operations are the main features that make this winch stand out from the rest.

That was all we had in store for you, and we are going to say our goodbyes now. Have a good one. Thank you!


1. How does the best RC winch work?

As the majority of the modern winches are electric, all you need is to have they’re remote plugged in. once done, start the motor simply by pushing a button. The winch will reel out the and back in the cable and pull out the stuck vehicle.

2. What is the best line pull rating I need to buy?

Your winch rating must manage 1.5 times the gross weight of your RC car. For an easy understanding, multiply the weight of your car or equipment by 1.5 to get the best rating.

3. Are RC winches safe to use?

Yes, most of the winches are safe to use. However, do read the instruction manual before operating the winch. Try to use gloves and keep a safe distance are general rules of safety to adopt.

4.What is an ideal cable length for a winch?

The average length of cables is between 80″ to 100″. So try to buy a cable falling within this range as both the long and short cables do not perform effectively and efficiently. The best cable length is between 80 to 100 feet.

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