Best Handheld Winch Review & Guide 2023

Our Top Pick


OPENROAD 1200lbs Hand

  • Two-Way Ratchet
  • Carbon Steel Heat Treated parts
  • Lower labor on hand for pulling
  • Handy in size


WARN 101575 Handheld

  • Free Spooling Clutch
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Steel and Synthetic Rope options
  • Hawse Fairlead


Maasdam Pow’R Pull

  • 50-feet long Marine Grade synthetic cable
  • 1.8Hp (1.4kw) Permanent magnet motor
  • Intermittent duty cycle
  • Aluminum Fairlead

As all of you are aware that Winch is a must-have tool not only with your vehicles but also at your home for dealing with different situations like pulling fences etc. at the yards or even pulling different things while you are at work.

In the past we have had discussions about the winches for pick-up and boats today we are here to have a fruitful discussion about The Best Handheld Winch.

Best Handheld Winch

Handheld winches are light in weight and handy and can be operated manually, with the help of a drilling machine, or with the help of an electric motor.

You do not have to worry about what handheld winch is the best suitable winch for you as we have come up with different products in the category for you with the opinions of the users.

Our detailed buying guide with the pros and cons of top-rated handheld winches are discussed below, it will help you in making the final decision.

Buying Guide Best Handheld Winch:

Making the right purchase decision is very important and technical, so that you get the best handheld winch that will last long. If your requirement isn’t that much big, then small handheld winch will be a good option for you. Must consider the capacity of winch.

It does not cost much in comparison to electric winches. So, consider our needs first before you head out to choose handheld winch. Following are the points that must be considered before going to purchase the right handheld winch for you.  

  • First of all, you must be sure about that when and where you will have to use your winch. If your requirement is less, then handheld winches are the best option to choose.
  • Secondly, be certain about what is the maximum weight you need to pull with the help of the winch. If the weight is more than human capacity than it won’t be a good option.
  • How long and which quality of the rope suits your requirement the best. Must check is rope is durable enough to hold maximum weight.
  • What are the safety features of the winch you are using, such as an anti-reverse clutch? Don’t buy the winch that does not offer safety measurements.
  • What is the mode of operation of the winch whether it is operated manually or with the help of a drill?
  • Try to buy the winch that comes under your budget. Look for the affordable handheld winches that will last long. It is the most important aspect of buying the winch.

Best Handheld Winch – Comparesion Table:





  • Portable and lightweight
  • Steel and Synthetic Rope options
  • Free spooling clutch
  • Carbon Steel Heat Treated parts
  • Handy in size
  • Lower labor on hand for pulling
  • Highly portable with 12x9x4 inches size
  • 0.5 tons pulling capacity when free
  • 1.0 tons pull line when hooked
  • Hardened carbon steel gear
  • 3.1:1 gear ratio
  • Galvanized to prevent rust
  • Steel Cable
  • Gear Ratio 3.1:1
  • Safety clutch

Best Handheld Winch – Detailed Reviewed

With the help of WARN 101575 Portable Drill Winch, you can turn your drill into a powerful pulling tool for you. This winch is built with two rigging hooks and a hawse fairlead. It can be easily operated by fixing one hook for support with a tree or a fence or to the frame of the pickup truck and pull up to a capacity of 750 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Rope: WARN 101575 handheld winch comes with either  12.2mm synthetic rope or 4.00 mm steel rope with 40 feet in length and allows you to pull whatever you need up to the weight of 750 pounds.
  • Hawse Fairlead: Integrated hawse fairlead installed to the winch allow you to generate maximum power with the help of a standard drilling machine.
  • Rigging Hooks: WARN 101575 is built with two rigging hooks that allow the ease of pull while being portable. These hooks allow this winch to be used in both directions.
  • Free Spooling Clutch: WARN 101575 is fitted with a free spooling clutch providing you ease of use with different situations and different items.

Reasons to Buy

  • Integrated hawse fairlead
  • Rigging hooks
  • Light Weight
  • Portable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Drill not included in the package

3-way ratchet fitted with stainless steel gear and ergonomic handle allows to pull to and from the boat and even pulling the boat itself from and to the truck with ease and fund. The gear ratio of this best handheld winch is 14.1:1 which allows you to pull without making extra efforts.

Key features:

  • Heavy Duty: This winch is made from Heat-Treated Carbon Steel shell, shaft, and gear and possesses excellent lifting and traction capacity.
  • Two-Way Ratchet: 24 feet long 1.9 inches marine belt is installed to this winch allowing you to pull in two ways (forward & backward) easily while being safe and durable due to its carbon steel heat treated gear.   
  • Comfortable Handle: 21 cm ergonomic handle with comfortable grip with a gear ratio of 14.1:1 allows you to pull with ease and less hand labor.
  • Weather Resistant: This carbon steel heat-treated winch with galvanized treatment make sure that the winch remains safe from rust and damage and hence remains durable enough for longer durations.

Reasons to Buy

  • Light Weight
  • Easily to install and operate
  • 14.1:1 gear ratio
  • Durable and long-lasting

Reasons to Avoid

  • Operated Manually

This winch is very handy in size and comes with a smart carrying case hence remains highly portable. This winch is very useful whether used in vertical alignments or horizontal. This is highly applicable for stretching fences, pulling wires, vehicle recovery, dealing with shafts and gears, hoisting motors, landscape, and more. It is the most economical winch you will see in the market.

Key features:

  • Portable Carrying Case: Maasdam Pow’R Pull EX Winch comes in a handy size with a smart carrying case that makes this winch easily portable.  
  • Strong Build Quality: This winch is made from heat-treated carbon steel body and gears hence remains highly strong and durable.  
  • Pull line Capacity: Recommended pull line capacity of this product is 0.5 tons when used free and is increased to 1.0 tons when hooked.
  • Two-way operation: Gears are made with high-quality carbon steel to work in both directions i.e. pulling and releasing with ease of operating.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to operate
  • Highly durable life
  • Carrying case
  • Portable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Less range

This heavy-duty winch can perform two-way. This winch is fitted with an 8-meter-long 4.2 mm high-quality steel cable hence remains highly efficient heavy duty. Strong durable handle installed with a comfortable grip; free spooling clutch installed with the winch so that safety is maintained while pulling different items.

Key features:

  • Hardened Carbon Steel: Heavy Duty Hand Winch 600 Lbs is made from hardened carbon steel and further galvanized so that the winch remains safe from rust etc.  
  • Gear Ratio: Hardened carbon steel gears installed with a gear ratio of 3.1:1 to enhance the efficiency and performance of the winch while operating two-way.  
  • Steel Cable: The winch is installed with 8 meters long 4.2mm steel cable for being able to pull up to 600 lbs weight.
  • Pull Line Capacity: Pull line capacity of this heavy-duty winch is 600 pounds.

Reasons to Buy

  • Heavy Duty
  • Steel Rope
  • Easy to operate
  • Anti-Reverse Clutch

Reasons to Avoid

  • A bit higher in price.

16mm drum hub combined with 26 feet long 1/6″ steel cable and high-quality steel gears with a gear ratio of 3.1:1 make Atlas Power Machines Hand Winch highly portable, durable, and strong enough to pull up to 600 pounds of weight. He recommended it as one of the best handheld winch in the market.

Key features:

  • Comfortable Handle: 165mm handle when attached to high-quality steel gear with a ratio of 3.1:1 it enables you to pull up to 600 pounds of weight with less labor and ease of operation.
  • Two-way operation: Atlas Power Machine Hand Winch can perform in two-way i.e. it can pull the boat to and from the pick-up trucks.  
  • Heavy Duty: Made from hardened carbon steel combined with heat-treated gears and a reverse lock clutch, this winch remains heavy-duty to perform for a longer time.
  • Steel Cable: 26 feet long 1/6″ steel cable installed with this winch. Steel cables remain safe from damage for a longer period.

Reasons to Buy

  • Heavy duty
  • Portable
  • Galvanized finish
  • Durable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Weigh a bit more than others


1. What is the best portable winch to buy?

Ans: There are many products available in the market with different features, pros & cons. But, as per the research made by my team and opinions from the users. WARN 101575 Handheld Portable Drill winch is the best portable winch among all the items available in the market, due to its size, weight, mode of operation, weight capacity, pros & cons.

2. Can handheld winches be used for gears & shafts?

Ans: There is variety of uses for handheld winches viz pulling fences, hooking boats, and many more. Yes, handheld winches can also be used for gears and shafts.   

3. Does hand winch any good?

Ans: It is a good option to consider as it does not depend on any battery or fuel, but it does require a lot of human effort. It can work in all scenarios but isn’t as powerful as electric or other winches.

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