Best ATV Winch for Plowing In 2023 [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

Our Top Pick


VEVOR Electric Winch

  • Rope: Synthetic
  • Full copper motor
  • Horsepower:8.7


ZEAK 3500 lb

  • Motor: 12V DC Permanent Magnet
  • Horsepower:1.1
  • Rope: Synthetic



  • Remote:Wired/Wireless
  • Horsepower:5.5
  • Weight:63.2lb

Winter is a hard time of year to deal with. Moving is difficult with snow piling up outdoors in front of doors and lawns. Time is valuable, and spending it shoveling ice eats up most of your time. Thankfully, ATV winches reduce shoveling time by half compared to shovel or snowblower.

One should expect to get maximum output for their money, so it is essential to do proper research before buying. There are various ATV winches with plow pulley setups, but before purchasing, make sure it meets your needs.

The truth is, not every ATV can produce the same level of productivity. Therefore, our top ATV winches for plowing review include real user reviews, specifications, and pros and cons. Our next step will be to find which ATV winch offers the best price/quality combination in unique features.

Before Buying Top ATV Winch for Plowing Consider These Things:

First-time buyers need to make the right choice. Therefore, we have outlined key features to look at before purchasing an ATV winch.

Engine Capacity:

The first thing to note in an ATV winch is its engine capacity. A bigger engine capacity means more power. Engine capacity sometimes is also referred to as the pulley capacity. You may come across measurements as 2,000lb, 3500lb, 4500lb, or a 10,000lb winch. A lower value winch is best suited for household usage; however if you have to pull a truck, go for a more powerful engine.

Line Pull:

Your ATV winch can pull out depending on the line pull. This is an important aspect to consider before purchasing. If you are wondering what best line pull capacity you should be looking for, here is simple math for you to decide. Gross Vehicle Weight * 1.5 = Minimum Rated Line Pull. When determining what line pull capacity is best for you, apply the above formula.

Noise Factor:

Working with an ATV winch in a neighborhood can disturb your neighbors. So it is important to check the noise levels of your ATVs. Although most modern and the best ATV winch for plowing bear noise-proof feature, be sure to ask your supplier if it is noisy or not. We’re sure you won’t want to wake your neighbors if you’re shoveling ice from your door.

Rope Material:

Another aspect to check is the rope material. You will come across winch ropes made of synthetic, hawse fairlead, or steel. Usually, users prefer a synthetic rope. As a result, they are not very costly and can easily handle heavy workloads.

On the other hand, if you intend to work in high pressure and heavy loads, we recommend choosing a steel wire. But since we are discussing ATVs for plowing here, we recommend you save money by buying a synthetic rope. Rope sizes range from 4 to 6 gauge.

Battery Capacity:

It’s important to notice the battery’s capacity and manufacturing. Technically speaking, two types of battery chemistry are in use today. Popular batteries are Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Lead-Acid (Regular). However, suppose you intend to use an ATV winch for plowing snow. In that case, we recommend a 12-volt battery rated up to 650 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) which is typically enough for a 12000lb vehicle.

Comparesion Table:





  • Line Pull: 3500lb
  • Motor: 12V DC Permanent Magnet
  • Weight: 19.4lb
  • Line Pull:3500lb
  • Remote:50 feet
  • Weight:30.1lb
  • Line Pull:4500lb
  • Motor:12V DC
  • Weight:22.0lb
  • Line Pull:13000lb
  • Horsepower:5.5
  • Weight:63.2lb
  • Line Pull:4000lb
  • Remote: Wired
  • Weight:15.45lb
  •  Line Pull:4500lb
  • Rope:Synthetic
  • Weight:22.00lb
  • Line Pull:17500lb
  • Horsepower:8.7
  • Weight:71.6lb
  • Line Pull:9500lb
  • Horsepower:5.5
  • Weight:55.0lb

Best ATV Winch for Plowing – Detailed Reviewed

After using it for a while, I found the ZEAK 3500 ATV winch to have many advantages over other models. In particular, what impressed me most was its powerful, waterproof off-road performance. Of course, plowing snow becomes a real challenge, but with the right tool, like the ZEAK 3500, I believe in having more power in my hand. In my experience, it is equally viable for medium to heavy-duty tasks like pulling out a sports car or a tractor.

Key Features

  • Corrosion Resistant: The best ATV winch for plowing has to be corrosion resistant. The feature is important for the motor to last and perform for more extended periods. Usually, motors prone to corrosion do not last more than a year or two. But The ZEAK 3500 has a corrosion-resistant motor that is durable.
  • Circuit Breaker: A device that stops the flow of electricity around the circuit if anything goes wrong. Thus, helping to prevent the machine from massive damage.
  • Control Package: The motor comes with a control pack that controls the functioning of the machine. The control pack’s function is primarily to provide direct control of the motor power in and out.
  • Waterproof: For snow plowing, the winches should be waterproof. The ZEAK 3500 is one of the best waterproof ATV winches. Working outdoors makes it a must-have feature to prolong products life.
  • Warranty: An important feature that gives confidence to the buyer that if anything goes wrong, he can get back for a replacement.

Reasons to Buy

  • An extra-long synthetic rope.
  • Mounting bracket and hardware lead battery.
  • Easily installable.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Control box.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not suitable for long shifts.

As a result of my experience with the Super ATV black, I’d consider it a top-notch ATV winch for plowing. Its universality makes it compatible with almost all types of bumpers. A long 50 feet synthetic rope is also handy, as usually, winches come up with a small-sized rope. The rope consists of simple aluminum hawse fairlead, which does not wear and tear over time. I like it because it is compact, safe, and corrosion-free.

Key Features:

  • Universal Adoption: A Super ATV Black winch easily fits almost any type of bumper. We may need to have extensions for a few models, but it acts like a one size fits all function for most bumpers.
  • Waterproof Seals: The solenoids and waterproof seals project the product among winches to must have at home. Especially suitable for wet conditions. Not only does the Super ATV have a waterproof motor, the seals too have corrosion-resistant material.
  • Wireless Control: A powerful long-range (50 feet) wireless remote control adds value to the product. In addition, the remote control automatically gets shut off when not in usage for two minutes.
  • Assuring safety: The Super ATV is manufactured, keeping in view the importance of safety. The wires and cables are synthetic, flexible, and do not shred hands when pulled, unlike steel wires. The hand straps are also part of the package.

Reasons to Buy

  • Powerful 1.2HP motor
  • Waterproof seals and solenoid
  • 166:1 Gear Ratio
  • Hand straps for safety purposes
  • Smooth, long-range pulling wire

Reasons to Avoid

  • Remote controls are not waterproof

The Super Terra45 ATV plow winch quickly lifts the heavyweights while on the road. The best feature for me was its easy mobility and a single-line pull. The beautiful color combination and compact design make it a perfect fit with any type of vehicle—the rope measures a staggering 55′, which was helpful in snowy weather. My neighbors borrowed to use with his UTV, and to my surprise, it performed perfectly well for him as well.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Motors: The Super winch motors have thick copper windings end-to-end sealed bearings. The copper windings offer more stable power, faster cooling action, and an enhanced battery operation.
  • Wider Gears: The gears on a Superwinch are 2 times wider than usual gears available on other winches of the same range. The wider the gears, the better the engagement and more extended the life.
  • Clock-able Motors: An engineering masterpiece as the motors on the Superwinch are cloak-able. This means you can easily rotate the terminals, making them fit in tight spaces.
  • Superior Steel Drums: The drums fit together and handle the abuse of the synthetic rope. Cast aluminum drums fail to handle rated line pull and break. Terra winches drums are standardized and reinforced with steel from both sides.

Reasons to Buy

  • Power loads in and out
  • Dynamic brakes can handle heavy loads
  • An all-steel planetary gear
  • Ergonomic cam action for free spooling clutch
  • Protected circuit breaker

Reasons to Avoid

  • Moisture makes drums rust

Quite a beast; I frequently use it in the most challenging conditions and found it working perfectly well all the time. The X-Bull heavy-duty ATV winch can handle situations where most winches fail. As a result, it is ideal for ATVs and two-door jeeps and light SUVs for daily pull. Possibly the most reliable winch I have ever used, the efficiency is measured at 25.3 feet per minute for no-load and 7 feet per minute for a full load. I also endorse its linear speed and lower ampere traction under heavy loads, matchless.

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly: Usually, heavy-duty winches are challenging to handle and manage, but the X-Bull winch is easy to use turn as it fits perfectly in hand. The shape of the handle fits perfectly in the human hand.
  • Durability: The X-Bull winch is an all-weather, waterproof, dustproof product. It has elastic stitched around the edges for a more secure and snug fit. The seams are double-stitched and have an elastic hem for a fast and tight fit.
  • Gear Ratio: A strong 265:1 gear ratio on the X-Bull winch makes it a perfect fit for any car, allowing easy mobility. Many users monitor the gear ratio as they do not want to offer extra space to their winches.
  • All-Weather Performance: The X-Bull winch is an all-weather product that perfectly works in the harshest possible environments. The product is dust and waterproof and packed in a double sealed bag.

Reasons to Buy

  • Free wire protection spool included
  • Wired remote control
  • Handles perfectly
  • Three-stage planetary gear system
  • Automatic load-holding

Reasons to Avoid

  • No winch plow strap

Similarly, the mechanical spring brake keeps the rope in place while winching is in process. Again, the product is compact enough to fit on ATV. Still, the 4000lb motor is powerful enough to pull out of any situation. 

The WARN 4000lb winch is so good that it still stays with me despite buying an additional one as well. These are not only long-lasting but also price effective as compared to other winches of the same capacity. What makes them particularly appealing is their compact design and relatively lightweight. It was easy for me to pick and place in my ATV single-handedly. The synthetic ropes and easy mounting plates are perfect for new users. The smooth planetary gears, train powerful permanent motors are a few notable features that I liked about the WARN Vantage model.

Key Features:

  • Sports Power: The WARN ATV winch can handle sports cars because it has the power of handling sports cars. They offer high-end supreme-powered motors capable of managing heavy loads.
  • Price Effective: Well, if you are marketing for a price-effective winch for plowing, do not look beyond the WARN. They offer a high-quality ATV winch for plowing snow at a very cost-effective rate, offering a high return on investment.
  • Corded Remote: The corded remote makes it possible to operate the winch even you are on or off of your ATV. You offer more power and control to the users, which can use remotes as per requirement in any condition.
  • Mini-rocker switch: The WARN winch has a mini-rocker switch that mounts to handlebars, thus posing easy access to control the winch. The compact design makes it a helpful tool, especially in tighter spaces.
  • Dash Mounted Control Switch: The power button is an in-dash mode, which means that you can switch the power on and off with the ease of use. The switch is soft and long-lasting.

Reasons to Buy

  • Simple to handle and operate
  • Cost-effective and worth the money
  • Compact design
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Hawse fairlead reduces rope wear

Reasons to Avoid

  • Incompatible with heavy-duty workloads

At first, I was uncertain about purchasing an Orcish winch. Still, after reviewing positive reviews, this leads me to go for it. This was a good decision. Considering the workaholic nature of the winch, it ranks quite high on my list of favorites. Easy to handle and use and works perfectly well for longer periods of operations. The Orcish’s ATV plow lift is impressive and produces efficient and effective results in tough conditions.

At first, I was uncertain about purchasing an Orcish winch. Still, after reviewing positive reviews, this leads me to go for it. This was a good decision. Considering the workaholic nature of the winch, it ranks quite high on my list of favorites. Easy to handle and use and works perfectly well for longer periods of operations. The Orcish’s ATV plow lift is impressive and produces efficient and effective results in tough conditions.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Protection: The matte black textured finish and sealed engine guarantees resistance against moisture, dampness, and rain. Which means we can safely use the product in any type of weather. The upgraded materials guarantee trustworthiness and long-lasting functionality.
  • Efficiency and Effectivity: The 1HP motor does not allow the battery to overeat energy. A full metal permanent magnet motor infused with a 3-stage planetary gear train provides a smooth pulling experience.
  • Simple to Operate: The Orcish ATV has a dual operation function. You can operate either in a remote way or manually. Easy to operate, and a well-performing wireless remote helps to process recovery within a 50feet range.
  • Instant Cooling: Inductive braking system installed helps the motor not get overheated. And if somehow it does get warm, just shut down the machine, and it gets cooled down in no time. Making the winch an ideal product for long-lasting performances.

Reasons to Buy

  • Ideal for muddy conditions
  • Easily usable both with ATVs and UTVs
  • Excellent after-sale services
  • Integrated breakers prevent overloads and short circuits
  • Low power motor to prevent winch overheating

Reasons to Avoid

  • Wire is of short length
  • Battery capacity is smaller than that of other models.

For the past two years, the Vevor has been my main winch, and I only had a single winch in such power value. The reason for not having another winch is that it performs well enough. Not only does it manage heavy loads, but that too in a very steady, smooth, and quiet way. The air cooler cover keeps the motor temperature to a minimum level enabling it to run for extended periods. With the amount of power on offer, I was once able to plow ice from the entire street. Vevor also comes with an ATV ATV winch strap for the plow.

Key Features:

  • Loading Capacity: A multi-purpose and multi-design loading capacity suitable for an ATV, UTV, car, boat, trucks, jeeps, modified vehicles, and multi-purpose utility trailers. So the Vevor winch is the game’s name as it is an all-in winch.
  • Powerful Motor & Gear: A motor with a capacity of 8.7HP (6.5KW) gear reduction ratio of 370:1 offering high precision, efficiency, and effective results.
  • Upgraded Materials: The electrical winch is replaced from a conventional material with a solid black frosted shell and fitted with a waterproof solenoid valve. The updated braking system is insulated and durable, helping avoid clutch damage and motor burning.
  • Accessory Kit: Usually, the accessories kit is not part of the main product. But the VEVOR comes with a thoughtful accessory kit, which includes wireless remote tools, a control box, a batch of hooks, and a roller fairlead.

Reasons to Buy

  • Comes with a high tensile synthetic rope
  • Wireless remote control system
  • High precision waterproofing quality
  • Pulls any vehicle with ease
  • Full copper motor

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heavy-duty motor makes it unsuitable for home use

A best-in-class ATV winch, Stegodon’s new line of products catches users’ attention. An attractive design and solid construction. In addition, I found the winch to be quite convenient to use as it delivers high-efficiency results, with readings of 24.6 feet per minute when empty and 6.4 feet per minute when fully loaded.

Key Features:

  • Reception Speed: The reception speed of the Stegodon model is 20% faster than the standard winches. The friction levels are low, thus producing high speed for wire reception.
  • All-weather compatibility: The Stegodon winch is waterproof, dustproof, and sand proof. Thus you can easily carry it with you for any type of adventure. In addition, it can easily handle all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Technical Support: The Stegodon offers a lifetime technical support facility for all winches. The parts provide a limited one-year warranty, though.
  • Compact Design: The all-new box is unique in design, increased compatibility, and reduced box size takes out the worry of installation space. Similarly, the manual remote control interfaces for faster transmission speeds.

Reasons to Buy

  • Efficient at both empty and full loads
  • Clutch brake system offers excellent control
  • Heavy-duty sealed contractor
  • Waterproof, sand proof
  • Easy mobility
  • High-density frosted surface

Reasons to Avoid

  • Spool frees frequently
  • In humid environments, the outer part rusts.


In summary, we reviewed and recommended the best ATV winch for plowing based on firsthand experience. With many options available in the market, users, especially first-time buyers, find it challenging to choose the best-suited product. However, we have tried our best to provide complete but compact information to make your decision easy. However, if you still find it hard to choose, reduce the list further.

ZEAK 3500lb: Offers easy mobility, is easy to install and use, and is water and corrosion-resistant. In addition, it quickly makes to the best plowing winches available in the market.

WARN 89041 Vantage 4000-S: WARN is regarded as one of the best winches; the brand itself is well known for producing high-quality plowing winches. In addition, the price-effective and powerful durability makes it to our shortlist.

VEVOR Electric Winch: The most powerful winch capable of pulling all types of vehicles, including boats. If looking for an all-in-one product, Vevor 17500 is the one to go for.


How do I choose an ATV winch?

Please refer to our buying guide. Before buying the best ATV winch for plowing, we have considered factors. However, to summarize,

  • Identify your vehicle’s gross weight.
  • Choose the rope of your choice.
  • Select a winch.

Are all winches safe to use?

Please always follow the users’ guide and manual provided with the product and carefully read safety instructions before installing the winch.

How much weight can an ATV winch pull?

It depends on the winch’s line pull and motor power. An average ATV offers not more than a 3000lbs pull rating.

Can I tow a pickup truck with my ATV winch?

You should not use your ATV winch on a pickup truck due to safety concerns. ATV winches are typically not designed for towing pickup trucks. If they are, the rope is more likely to snap. A broken rope is potentially fatal. In addition, Motors, batteries, and engines of ATVs are not powerful enough to handle this task. Buying a new one is expensive.

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